The Best Side Window Visors [2021]

What are Side Window Visors?

Side window Visors are curved pieces of plastic, made specifically for your vehicle, that attach to the upper part of each of your passenger windows. There they serve a multitude of purposes from shading the sun to guarding against the rain and snow. Allowing you to enjoy riding with the windows down even in bad weather. These Visors vary greatly however in how they are built and how they adhere to your vehicle, so picking one that will last is important!

If you’re in need of some side window Visors because you are frequently off-road then you may enjoy our article on the Tonneau Cover to help you see clearly while you’re out in the woods.

Advantages of Using a Side Window Visor

Vent Shade

These side window visors can be used to block the sun’s intense light from blinding the driver. Since these shades are tinted they make the perfect semi-transparent shade for any light coming in through the top of your windows.

Rain Guard

A good window Visor will allow you to crack your windows in the rain and still guard you against any water getting into your car

Wind Deflector

Many people buy these specifically because they allow you to crack your windows, even on the highway, and not get that sudden blast of air and noise in your face. These side window Visors cover and streamline the air away from your open window. Allowing you to drive with your windows down, comfortably, at any speed.


Fog is created when humidity and temperature between the air inside your car and outside your car are different. Since these side window Visors make a great wind guard they allow you to continue driving comfortably while cracking your window. This allows air from the outside to come into the car rebalancing your vehicle and quickly getting rid of any fog on your glass.


These Visors are the ideal accessory for any smoker. This shade allows you to crack your windows and smoke no matter what the weather is. Rain, Snow, Wind, or Noise you can roll your window down and remain comfortable while still enjoying a smoke.


Using side window Visors to drive with your windows cracked could save you gas in the long run. It may not be a huge difference, but being able to comfortably drive with your windows cracked will inevitably reduce your A/C usage. Since your A/C works off of power produced from your engine, the less you use it, the more gas you will save. Thus using side window Visors to drive with your windows cracked could save you gas in the long run.

Different Styles of Side Window Visor


These side window Visors come in a wide variety of colors from clear to smoky to dark black and even non-transparent. Whatever fits your needs and your style, there’s an option for it.


These are often available in two different finishes. You can either get a smooth finish or a non-transparent matte finish.


These also come in two different Visor profiles. One is the traditional style that flares out from the window a bit. These offer the best coverage against wind and rain as they have a bit of an overhang. The second one is a low profile design. These don’t flare at all and will pretty much hug the glass all the way down. These don’t offer as much protection but do offer a different aesthetic that some people prefer.


The first placement option is called, in-channel, this is where a thin lip is added to the side window Visor that slips up inside of the groove in the door that houses the window glass. Once placed inside of the groove the Visor is held in by tension or an adhesive. The second option places the Visor directly above the window where it adheres to the door with an adhesive.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Side Window Visor


These side window Visors are custom parts that need to be sized perfectly to fit your specific vehicle. That means that a company has to invest a lot of time and effort into manufacturing these Visors. Unfortunately for some, that means that the cheaper knockoffs out there just won’t fit right. Go with a brand you know and you shouldn’t have a problem with fitment.


How do these side window Visors stay on the car? They can be attached in two different ways. Some Visors are built with a clip that slides into the window groove for the glass and holds the Visor in place with tension. These side windows Visors are often referred to as “In-Channel.” The other style uses an adhesive to attach the Visor to the frame of your door right above the glass. Both of these methods will hold your side window Visors in place without a problem. You just have to decide if you don’t mind using an adhesive on your vehicle. I personally would prefer not to if I didn’t have to.


These side window Visors are designed to hang onto the side of your car while you’re barreling down the highway so durability is a must. You want to make sure that they are made of thick high-quality plastic so that they don’t bend under the stress of the high winds. You also want high-quality plastic because these hang off of your door catching the sun all day. Constant intense heat and UV light will quickly fade and degrade an inferior plastic. Extreme cold can do the same thing and will eventually cause cracks in Visors using inferior materials.


These side window Visors come in a wide range of colors from clear to dark black. You also sometimes have the option of a non-transparent matte finish. Based on how sunny your climate is I usually suggest a shaded Visor but personal taste and concern for your vehicle’s aesthetics will determine what Visor you choose.

Car Wash Safe

You probably need to get a side window Visor that is rated as strong enough to withstand a normal car wash. These Visors will mention it if they are safe to do so since that is an important safety feature to look out for it.


This is the Out Channel Window Visor and our pick for the best overall Visor. This comes at a reasonable price. It is made by a well know brand with durable, high-quality, shatterproof polycarbonate. They are custom-fitted and come with a nice light tint. The front window Visors are held in place by tension.

They also extend all the way down to the bottom of the front windshield giving the driver full coverage against rain, wind, and noise while driving. The rear Visors are held in place by adhesive but are still used in-channel so that they don’t ever touch your paint. This product also comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee.

Premium Pick

This is the  Side Window Visor and our pick for the best premium Visor. I will just start out by saying that this is our premium product because it costs about twice as much as either of the other two products. Having said that, besides that downfall, these are by far the best side window Visors on the market. First, they have a precision fit that sits in the window groove better than any other brand tested.

They also never interfere with the glass when it is coming up as some other brands do. The front Visors are held in place with clips and tension and unlike most other side window Visors, they extend down past the mirrors to completely cover the front of the driver’s window. This is important because this keeps out even more rain, wind, and noise when you are riding down the road with your windows cracked.

The rear window Visors are held in place with 3M automotive-grade adhesive for a secure fit. These are made in Germany with 3mm thick acrylic so you know that they are high-quality. They come in either a light or dark tint and can handle years of extreme temperatures and UV light without fading or cracking.

Budget Pick

This is the Auto Ventshade or AVS In-Channel Side Window Visor and our pick for the best budget Visor. These in-channel Visors are sturdy and come at an amazingly affordable price. They are custom-fitted for your vehicle and made with from a scratch-resistant and UV protected acrylic. They are all held in place with 3M automotive-grade adhesive in-channel and both front and rear and are rated safe to go through any car wash. These Visors are also tinted so they do provide some shade from intense light.

These side window Visors are made in the USA and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. One of the perks of working with AVS is their extensive variety of side window Visors. They have in-channel as well as frame designs. They have tinted and matte options as well as normal and low profile varieties. Whatever look or style you’re wanting for your ride they have what you need.

Best For Sunroof / Moonroof

This is the  Sunroof Moonroof Wind Visor. Sunroof or moonroof wind Visors are a little bit different than side window Visors. They work in the same way, but most companies don’t make them custom for your vehicle. That is because they are attached to the top of the car out of sight, and as long as they are long enough to cover the whole sunroof, then they work flawlessly. These wind Visors can be a couple of inches too large, and they still work the same.

Because of this, most companies have decided to make 3 or 4 standard lengths, and all you do is measure the width and make sure that you get something as close as possible without being smaller. This also means that sunroof wind Visors will cost a lot less because these companies only have to mass-produce from a few different molds instead of making custom sizes for individual cars.

Now for TuningPros, these guys make an incredibly durable plastic with a dark black tint that is guaranteed fade resistant. They also have a high heat adhesive that makes sure that the Visor can handle the intense heat and strong wind that it is subjected to being on top of the car. We’ve had great success with their products and would highly recommend them to anyone. They also create full sets for side windows and sunroofs if that is something you’re interested in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does A Side Window Visor Do?

A side window Visor is a curved piece of plastic that covers the upper part of your window, creating a small overhang. This overhang directs wind, rain, and snow away from your window allowing you to enjoy riding with your windows down even in adverse weather conditions.

Are Side Window Visors Worth It?

If you love driving with your windows down, then side window Visors are worth it. They will enhance your ride in good weather conditions by providing a quieter ride, and they protect you in adverse weather conditions by channeling rain and snow away from your windows.

Do Window Visors Damage Windows?

Adhesive side window Visors attach to the frame of the car above your windows. While in-channel Visors slide into the same space that your window does, but they are extremely thin, so neither style will ever damage your window or interfere with the way it performs.

Are Side Window Visors Legal?

Side windows Visors are legal everywhere, when installed properly, they will never interfere with the driver’s ability to see the road. But to be safe, we always suggest checking your state’s laws as they do occasionally change.

Do Window Visors Affect MPG?

Windows Visors can affect MPG by affecting A/C usage. The more often you can drive with your windows down, the less you will use your A/C, and since the A/C runs off of power from the engine, you can reduce gas usage and increase MPG over time.

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